The Nation's Capital Chapter has partnered with the CMA School of Washington to provide an excellent CMA review course.   Get certified now!

The CMA (Certified Management Accountant) is the leading professional designation in the fields of Management Accounting and Finance. 
Get Certified and Move Up
CMAs earn 59% more than non-CMAs 

Our mission at the CMA School of Washington is to help you become a Certified Management Accountant.  You can take our program live in the convenience of your home or office. We provide you with lots, tons, scads of other learning materials.

Yes, it's LIVE. We ask you questions, you ask us questions. We write on the whiteboard and you do too. Enroll now to reserve a place, get your study materials and take advantage of the early-bird discount.


Every Tuesday and Thursday for eight weeks starting March 10, 2016 at 7pm EST you cover "Financial Decision Making." You pass in the upcoming testing window.

Beginning July 5, 2016 at 7pm EST you conquer "Financial Reporting, Planning, Performance, and Control" in 16 sessions to prepare you to pass in the next testing window.

The two parts can be taken in either order and the important thing is to get started.

What is included? 

  • 16 LIVE two-hour sessions. An Instructor is with you each time and it is interactive.
  • A text
  • Software with more than 1,000 multis and explanations and score keeping
  • After the class, you have access to recordings and PowerPoints for review and to make up a missed session
  • Office hours Wed 1 to 6pm EST
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To play back a recording of a sample class. on a subject important to both parts.

Want more information about the Exam, the subjects on the Exam, the format and content of our CMA Program? 

To be our guest for a 50-minute introduction to the CMA, just click here to send us email BUT change the subject to "Invite me."

Delay is Costly! 

The greatest fallacy is the belief we will not be quite so busy next year and that we will then be able to pursue many things - such as certification and career.  

You know, of course, that next year with more friends and family, more commitments and more promises to keep, that you will be even busier than you are now.

Don't delay. Your career and future are too important to put on hold.

Guaranteed Success & Free Repeat
Students who participate in all classes and submit an assigned essay for grading but fail in the next testing window may repeat the class until they do pass at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.  We guarantee that if you take these steps and study the texts and work multis you will pass!
ENJOY 10-25% OFF
Enter "Nation's Capital Chapter" on the enrollment form for a 10% discount.

Enroll 20 or more days before the first class for a further 15% discount.
See prices and guarantee your spot in the next class.           
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CMA School of Washington
About the CMA School
Hi. I'm John Coughlan and I'd like to tell you about the CMA Program your Chapter sponsors.  

The CMA School has been helping accountants and financial professionals like you pass the CPA Exam since 1957 and the CMA Exam since 1982 and it can help you. Two of the Instructors in its CMA Program - John Coughlan PhD, CMA, CPA and Mark Borchardt CMA, CFM, CPA - are former Presidents of the Nations Capital Chapter.

The live, internet format has many advantages for you: it eliminates the half-hour commute to and from class; it is available by WI-FI when you are in France and Japan; it is more interactive and more fun than when you are in the room with chalk dust. and are the professor-led programs with the longest history of presenting the CMA and CPA Exams. We have helped thousands of accounting and finance professionals like you pass the CPA and CMA exams and we can help you.

Get certified! Move up! Enroll Now!